Maps, Suggestions, Reservations

We are surrounded by beautiful hiking trails of different lengths and intensities. When you check in, you are welcome to arrange a meeting with one of our wilderness guides who will help you decide which hike(s) is/are best for you and your companion(s). You’ll be given maps and guidance, the opportunity to order water and boxed lunches or snacks to take with you.  

If you’re looking for a specific experience, our wilderness guides are great with logistics – whether this be an engagement, family pictures, or a ceremony of some sort – we’ll help you figure out the logistics so you can focus on the feelings!  

There are many beautiful restaurants and spas in the area – we’ll be happy to help you get arrangements and reservations for these places either before you arrive if you want to email our concierge in advance, or upon your arrival. For those of you who know very specifically how you’d like to spend your time, you’re welcome to email us in advance and we’ll be prepared with an itinerary when you arrive.