Maps, Suggestions, Reservations

We are surrounded by beautiful hiking trails of different lengths and intensities. When you check in, you are welcome to arrange a meeting with one of our wilderness guides who will help you decide which hike(s) is/are best for you and your companion(s). You’ll be given maps and guidance, the opportunity to order water and boxed lunches or snacks to take with you.  

If you’re looking for a specific experience, our wilderness guides are great with logistics – whether this be an engagement, family pictures, or a ceremony of some sort – we’ll help you figure out the logistics so you can focus on the feelings!  

There are many beautiful restaurants and spas in the area – we’ll be happy to help you get arrangements and reservations for these places either before you arrive if you want to email our concierge in advance, or upon your arrival. For those of you who know very specifically how you’d like to spend your time, you’re welcome to email us in advance and we’ll be prepared with an itinerary when you arrive. 


Whether in indoor or outdoor lodging, you are invited to any meals in our dining room. All of our meals are made up primarily of organic and locally sourced ingredients. You are welcome to come dine as a community and share your stories from your journey, or request that dinner be brought to your lodging to allow you an intimate dining experience. In these cases, we ask that you leave the front porch or dining room for about a half hour to allow our dining staff to set up a formal meal presentation. 

If you’re looking for something more relaxed or something to take with you on your day’s activities, we’re happy to put together a box lunch for you to eat at your leisure.  You’ll simply order ahead of time by noting dietary restrictions, preferences, and timing – we’ll do the rest and provide it in biodegradable containers. 

All of the greens from our salads and sides come from the local farm.


All of our lodging offers freshly laundered 1500-thread count bedding, memory foam mattresses and pillows, turndown service where you can indicate your pillow and scent preferences. Because it can get dry here, each room offers a humidifier – if you’d like a scent added to yours, there’s a menu included in your room and this will be done during the turndown. All rooms have bathtubs with a bath menu – you can simply call down to the concierge and order a bath. One of our specialists will come up and draw you the perfect bath – whether you’re looking for relaxation, detoxification, or muscle soak after a long hike.   

For you outdoor lodgers, our specialists will be happy to set up a bonfire for you when turning down your room. We will discuss this with you when you check in. For the most part, if you want to be left alone out there, we’re happy to leave you alone! On chilly night, our turn down service will include placing a hot water bottle in your bed so it’s nice and cozy when you’re ready to crawl in!  

There are so many amenities, changing by season or necessity, that rather than listing them here, we’ll present you with a menu at check-in. 

Outdoor Lodging Opportunities

Our outdoor lodging is more rustic, but still lavish! Each of our “glamping” tents features a full functioning indoor bathroom with an outdoor shower and bathtub with an option to enclose them. All of the amenities listed as available for our indoor lodging options are available for the outdoor lodging in some capacity. We will discuss this with you at check-in as they require a little more pre-planning to allow our staff to actually get out to you in a timely and organized manner. 

All of these options include at least a king sized bed and full bedding. The rooms also have a little front porch to make up for a “living room” area. It’s the perfect place to take your morning tea which we will drop off at your preferred time in lieu of a wake-up call. 

There is no wifi or cell service in these little bungalows. There is no TV, radio, or phone. You can contact us by flicking up your hazard light – we monitor constantly for these lights and only check in on you if it’s been turned on. We respect your privacy and you desire for remote entertainment too much to check in without your approval. We will check with you at your arrival as to whether or not you want turn-down service. In the outdoor lodging cases, turndown service can include building you a fire right off your porch! 

That said, if we stop by to drop off your morning order and are alarmed for any reason, we will follow up with you to ensure your comfort and safety! 

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Indoor Lodging Options

We understand that many of our guests are looking for a catered, tidy, indoor spa style experience with easy access to the outdoors and some are looking for one step up from camping. We offer so many different levels of lodging to meet your needs. 

Suite: Our suites are perfect for family vacations. Our beautiful pristine suites feature a living room, kitchen, dining room and half bathroom. One on side of the suite is a master suite: a king sized bed, fireplace, and full master bath with a shower, bathtub, water closet, steam room, and sauna. On the other side is a junior suite with two full sized beds and a full bathroom with a bathtub, shower, and water closet.  

Rooms 1-4: Rooms 1-4 are our master suites for two people. The bedroom features a California King with beautiful cotton bedding, a fireplace between the bedroom and master bath, and a master bath you could literally live in. This is perfect for a honeymoon!  

Rooms 5-8: These rooms are more for our guests who plan to spend most of their time outdoors and need a touch down spot to sleep and take breakfast. These rooms feature either a king or two full bed and a simple clean bathroom. This is perfect for an anniversary trip!  

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